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KALEO Real Estate Company’s mission is to build a better brokerage. We prioritize organizational health and stability, believing that being kind and respectful makes our brokerage a better place to learn and work. By equipping agent’s with the knowledge, skills, and resources to uphold their fiduciary responsibility to their clients, we hope to create a new stereotype for a KALEO Realtors®.  


First, as Realtors® who follow the Code of Ethics, we are committed to providing exceptional service to home buyers and sellers through active engagement, empathy and integrity.


Second, KALEO focuses on the individual growth of our Realtors, fostering a supportive community while maintaining a high standard of professionalism. As a company, we embrace innovation and are dedicated to developing leaders in an ever-changing real estate industry. With each transaction, we are MOVING AT THE SPEED OF YOU.



The word KALEO is Greek and means “to be called upon or to be appointed”. Pronounced “ku-lay-oh”, the Greek word encompasses the core belief that we Realtors are called to provide more than the mechanics of a transaction for our clients. KALEO Realtors adhere to higher standards of professionalism, integrity, dedication and compassion and understand that to be appointed as a real estate agent is an honor and privilege.

KALEO Real Estate Company has 2 locations in La Verne and Glendora, California. Our La Verne location on 1339 Foothill Blvd., La Verne, California. Our Glendora location is on the second floor in Glendora’s charming downtown at 158 N Glendora Ave, Suite M, Glendora, California.