One of the best parts of Glendora is the variety of hiking, mountain biking, and walking trails nearby. Even for someone who wouldn’t categorize themself as a “hiker” there are trails that are easier without as steep of a grade.

Some of the popular trails nearby that are a must-see are:

Mystic Canyon– 8.9 miles – Difficult skill level.  Dog friendly and beautiful views!

South Hills Wildnerness – 2 miles – Moderate skill level.  Great place to see wildflowers.  Dog-friendly on a leash!

Big Dalton Canyon – 2.6 miles – Lots of wildflowers!  Great for all skill levels and dog friendly

Colby Trail – 1.4 miles – great for all skill levels. Dog and horse friendly!

Marshall Canyon Trail – a 10.4 mile loop near Claremont.  Dog friendly – must be on a leash!

Bridge to Nowhere – 9.4 miles – Waterfall!!! – Moderate skill level and dog friendly!

Whether you want a challenging hike or just a leisurely stroll with a view, Glendora and it’s surroundings cities have just the trail for you!